Friday, June 17, 2005

She's back

Yup, she’s back. YONG MAY’S BACCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Yea I know it’s a lil late to be saying that but well it’s just so great to have your great buddy around!!! *BIG grin* I just get so excited knowing that she’s just a few miles away and not gazillion miles away hehe. It’s been quite tough having had some things happened the way we did not intend it to happen but God knows best! I’ve said it many times and I’d say it again and again…YONG MAY, you’re really one awesome friend and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I admire your character which just seems to blend with each and every bit of yourself. You’re the sporting, outgoing, fun-to-be-with, a-whole-lot-of-good-stuff amazing friend. No one is perfect yet your compassion and enthusiasm in living your life overrides all things else. Remember that you are best the way that YOU are. Your loyalty and faithfulness in God will truly be blessed in returned. You totally deserve more than what you had and I’m sure that God has greater and bigger plans for you!! (Gee, this sounds like a testimonial but hey, I meant every single word!) *winks*

Spent some time with her over the weekend. Let’s see…we watched Madagascar, did a lil shopping, took some crazy pics together, chit-chatted, laughed a whole lot, had dinner at her place (her dad grilled [or was it roasted?]chicken…yups you saw that right, CHICKEN). Stayed over and took more crazy pics (hehe)…too bad I’m not on hols now if not we’d prolly do more crazy times together. *pfffttttt – crossed eye*

Updates on my studies? Well nothing’s new other than lab reports, assignments, tutorials and tests! For some reason all my tests are cramped up this whole month. Busy busy least working isn’t that taxing and I’m pretty much not been bothered by that creepy woman anymore. YEAY…God does answer simple prayers, Amen? Apparently, they came up with a new policy since SOME lecturers were taking advantages of some students. That means I don’t have to work for her anymore!!!!!! YEAYYYYYY!!! I’m now only accountable to my supervisor and those ‘big shots’ of the school. There’s one who’s really nice. His policy is that we’re students and not slaves, therefore we should not overwork ourselves after all we still do need to maintain our grades. I was reconsidering of transferring to another department since there’s this now…but it’ll depend. Cos if I switched to the Will Group, I don’t think I’m good at tutoring people but the time involved is just half the amount of hours (which is really the reason why I thought of it in the first place). I wanted to change simply because of that creepy lady but the stuffs we need to do does not require much skill (haha).

Apart from all that, life’s pretty much the same. Wanna know if the amount of fats you have is at an average level or not? Take a measuring tape and measure your arm. If it’s smaller than 20cm, you’re underweight!!! An healthy average value should be around 20-25cm. Then again, this is just a rough estimate.

It’s gonna be a busy weekend and a busy week ahead till end of the month…Can’t wait to get over this month!!!!!


-yong may- said...

hey pal,'s really great to have u here. I'm really grateful for you. -cheers- (yongmay)

DavidLee said...

Hey Eunice. Glad you're doing okay with work and all. Whow, you sound like you could take over Alicia Silverstone's job as Miss Match. *hiacks.