Friday, June 24, 2005

Gah, it takes at least 10 mintes just to load a in the com lab. Just finished my foodchem mid term paper. I would pretty much say it went on pretty well...just a lil mental blocks here and there but I could answer the 25 mark essay question which was a BIG relief. Late last nite as I was still studying, i received a sms and guess what? it wasn't just an ordinary one cos it came along with a prayer. Hehe...thanks load!!

It's been a while since we got to eat a home-cooked meal (mainly cos of my laziness to cook =Þ) but thanks to my housemate (whom I haven't officially thank...*nyehehe...paiseh*) who cooked for us all SPAGHETTI=) YEAY!! THANKS YAH =Þ

Haven't been working much this week...have gotten my hands full with reports, tutorials, and preparation for my mid terms. Weekend's gonna be busy busy busy...There's the Award's Day tomorrow and some celebration in the evening (hhmmm i wonder wat's the celebration for ah? *grins*)

Hhmm...I'm craving for rojak now lah...*drools*

ANywayz, gotta go for class now. Can't wait to go HOMEEEEEEE!!! Missing my family loadsssss...especially my dearest brother whom I've not seen in years!!!!!

I wished there were more hours in a day...then again if wishes like this come true, I'd wish that anything I wish would come true...haha not making much sense...need to go...



DavidLee said...

Ah, you're welcome welcome. What's a housemate for? Ehe.


DavidLee said...

*sipping milo in front of computer.