Friday, July 29, 2005


It's funny how many can come up with ways to cheat in exam. If only they'd put all that energy and creativity in studying, don't you think? But it's funny though, seeing how far ppl'd go just to cheat. It's even funnier when students who just look suspicious but are plainly innocent. It's even funny-funnier to see someone acting out what students did, in this case my lecturer.

Anywayz, here was what happened...
As with most examination regulations, students are not allowed to leave the examination hall in the first half hour. So there was this guy who had some problems with, let's just say digestion...and was badly in need to ease himself. But one of the invigilators thought it was just an act or an excuse(from past experience) just so he could refer to the notes left in the toilet but to his was for real alright. He HAD to follow him in and was indeed a nasty 'explosion'. The expression on my lecturer's face showing how smelly and awful experience it was, it was really funny.

The second encouter, that same invigilator was almost certain that this suspicious guy who was clutching his fist tightly, placing his hand up high for anyone to notice as he was in need to get out had pieces of papers in his hands or something. He was trying real hard to unclutch his fist. He was certain it was gonna be pieces of papers. So he continued to unclutch his fist, finger by finger and as hard as the invigilator was trying, the student was trying his best to keep his fist clutched UNTIL one moment, when finally he succeeded, it wasn't pieces of papers alright...the guy was clutching it soooo thightly, not wanting the invigilator to see it was his MUCUS!! EEEeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!! So of course it all splated onto his hands as well. Apparently he forgot to bring in tissue packets and he was having a bad yea...the HORROR!!!

So the next time you enter the examination hall, just try not to look suspicious in any way and it'll save you the embarrassment.

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