Saturday, August 27, 2005

Now that 24 days has past...I now declare an end to my mourning =Þ

Much has happened within the past 24 days. Which includes preperations for my finals exams, the finals itself, steamboat at friend's place, annoying ppl with the screeching of my not-so-nice bowing on the violin, a long weekend in pd and malacca, and a small spring cleaning.

Let's see...exams were...alright lah I guess. Some of what was expected came out but some did not of course. But overall I'm just glad it's over and that kicks off my first sem in my 2nd year. Results will be out soon...*screams* Hopefully it's ok lah...

It's frustrating not being able to do something you really would like to be able to do. But I guess nothing comes easy so it takes time and patience to finally be able to do that something you really would like to do =)

Was in malacca for a camp. I must say the interpreted sessions reminded me of the hokkien service in penang my cuzzie and I attended. Back in penang, the preacher was relating a story. Then there was this part where he said, "I like old things" and so followed by the interpretation in hokkien "wa su kak lau lang ey mi kia" which in direct translation means I like old people's things. Back in the camp in malacca, the interpreter was kinda funny when she tried immitating wat the speaker had to convey. What more when the speaker himself was Ps. Clement who has a comical look and funny dramatic actions. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of him in action =Þ Will be uploading some pics soon though...

Can't believe my hols are actually ending...*sobs* well a short one is better than no complaints =)

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