Saturday, September 10, 2005

I just realize how SHORT this short sem when I saw the teaching plan. We already had one quiz, another next week, a mid term the following week and finals sometime in mid-october. Gotta get started on my assignment and revision for my tests.

On top of all that, I'll be goin for an interview this monday at Country Farm Organics. If I get it, I'll be doing my internship there. I didn't know much was expected from us students. Here's the job descriptions:
  • To propose ways of merchandizing and marketing products in the outlet for better sales performance to Nutritionist

  • To do daily walk in the Branch and submit weekly report to Nutritionist
  • To create shelf-talkers, which must be approved by Nutritionist, to be displayed in outlets’ shelves
  • Monitor and check that all products at the outlet are labeled correctly and properly
  • Monitor and check that all products displayed are in good condition
  • Monitor and check that all products are tagged with expiry dates stickers
  • To serve walk-in customers, especially the regulars, by giving nutritional consultation and health advises, adhering to professional etiquette
  • To keep track and manage database of customers in outlets
  • To organize nutritional and health activities like nutritional talks, seminars or cooking demonstrations, that will boost each outlet’s sales performance
  • To assist in creating product brochures and flyers when necessary
  • May assist marketing team to promote products

I guess it'll be a great experience for me since I've never gone out to work before. Funny this comes when I'm just about to have that BIG 2 next month.

Will also be starting work next week. Went to see Ms Pei Boon the other day cos I didn't attend the scholarship meeting on tues. Had to report in to her and upon doing so, she said that my previous supervisor gave a very good remark =) She even requested me back. With that being said, I received a lil organizer/notebook as a token of appreciation. Haha =Þ

Gaahhh...I MISSSSSSS MY BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! He called sometime last week. It was nice to hear his voice again. Wished he was back here. Hmmm, better yet I wish I could be THEREEEE!!!

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