Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's just a few hours since I found out a sudden tragic news. I just couldn't believe my ears! Many questions flashed through upon hearing the news. There were all those "when", "where", "how" questions...and of course the big "WHY".

Many times in life we just don't understand the WHYs. God works in ways that baffles us, our human mind cannot comprehend. My cousin brother, who is only 16, met with an accident and has passed away. The saddest thing would be that he has gone without...Christ. I guess this hit me pretty bad, him being the first in my mum's side of the family to leave earth without Christ. And having to read that book "Heaven is so Real", I could not for one moment picture the description of that author of...gosh it's even hard to even say or type it out. I wish there could be another chance. I wish he have known Christ earlier. I wish he never had to be at that place when the accident happened. I wish...but all I can do is to pray...pray HARD for my FAMILY and even close friends who are yet to know Christ. I feel guilty not trying to share/spread the good news when I still had the opportunity.

I feel ashamed for this to happen to realize the urgency of my mission here on earth as God's child. I should have done more than praying alone. I should not be fearful of being rejected by the ppl I intend to share Christ with. There were many more I could have done...but what has happened has happened. There's not much that can be done other than keeping all that is dear to me in prayer ALWAYS and sharing the goodnews once in a while. I will and shall not hold back anymore. I will and shall seize every opportunity I have to share God's love.

As a matter of fact, I think I'd like to take this time to share Christ with everyone. I do not wish to offend anyone who has their beliefs but I just feel the need to share what I should have long ago. If you have not known Christ and happen to come across this, I believe it's by no coincidence and I pray that you'd continue to read what I'm about to share.

How did we humans existed? As some might agree with the theory of evolution, I believe that God created each and everyone of us uniquely in His own image. He knew us even before we were conceived in our mother's womb. But it was the fall of man that seperated us from Him. But God loved us sooo much that He gave His one and ONLY SON, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. Christ is the key to our salvation. Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE!! I know this is brief and it may be hard to believe but all I ask is that u read this with an open heart. I just pray that someday, you may encouter God's awesomeness. Believing that HE is the only key to your salvation takes great faith, but I can assure you that it's all worth it. What hurt could there be by accepting Christ into your heart? He is standing outside and knocking on the door of your heart awaiting you to accept Him in. All you have to do is to Accept, Believe and Confess. Accept Him into your heart, Believe that He is your key to salvation and Confess that He is your personal Saviour.

Though he is gone now, I pray that God's comforting spirit be upon all of us, his immediate family, relatives as well as his friends. I pray that through this, our hearts will be open and in times like this that we would call out to God. I pray that God'll sustain us, giving us strength and good health and that God's angelic protection be upon each and everyone of us. God, You are in control of every situation. In YOU we TRUST!! Amen.

[edited 07/09/05] Received news that a cousin of mine shared the gospel with my late cousin sometime last year. She even prayed along for/with him and the most exciting part was that he even said AMEN. A relief it was to hear that. I sure do hope to meet him up in heaven.

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