Thursday, November 03, 2005


It's that time around where I ponder and wonder about life...My life that is...

What would it be if I hadn't taken the path I took?
How would things be if I made a different decision?
Would the present change if I tried to make things right when I could have?...should have??
...If I didn't hold back the things I wanted to say?
Ultimately...Have I been living a purposeful life?

...and a whole lot more what ifs from where that came from...

It's those divergent roads in life of which you can never go both ways and just wonder...

It's amazing how I'm speaking of this and this song is playing on my launchcast station. The lyrics could not be any truer. listen

My world is closing in
On the inside
But I’m not showing it
When all I am is crying out
I hold it in and fake a smile
Still I’m broken
I’m broken
Only one can understand
And only one can hold the hand
Of the broken

When no one else knows how I feel
Your love for me is proven real
When no one else cares where I’ve been
You run to me with outstretched hands
And You hold me in your arms

I need no explanation of why me
I just need confirmation
Only You could understand the
emptiness inside my head
I am falling
I am falling
I’m falling down upon my knees
To find the one who gives me peace
I am flying
Lord I am flying

I have come to you in search of faith
Cause I can’t see beyond this place
Oh You are God and I am man
So I’ll leave it in Your hands

Evidently, we may never know what lies ahead of us. But as we take each step forward in faith, God's ways surpasses it all. So why fear or doubt when u can trust God in knowing what's best for you. Though many a times we may not see as yet why we are at where we are right now. It's always hard to be in the unknown for we may not see the bigger picture of God's wonderful plans.

...but Lord, in You I trust!

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