Thursday, November 03, 2005

On a lighter note...

Exams are over (well quite a while now)
Violin classes are exilarating
Holidays are...let's just put it as a well deserved BREAK needed *winks*

Will be starting my internship in Sunway Medical next week. Feeling a lil anxious yet excited, anticipating what's to come...not sure what to expect! Gaahh...

For those who are curious...I'll be in the dietetics department, assisting the dietitian for the first month and probably helping out in a project the following month. As to what exactly I'd be doing...I'm yet to be informed. So, a clearer pic of what I'll be doing when I actually begin work next week =)

1 comment:

Ale said...

OHhhhh dietetics.. i thought you said diebetics.. HAhahhaha