Friday, January 27, 2006


I've been pretty excited about something and I haven't really officially said it here...

So I'm gonna say it...

Like errr NOWW!!


Yea I know it's pretty old news for some but I never really jotted it in here. Haven't really been posting bout things I would like to have myself remember, so that in the mere future when I browse through the archives...I can yea, for the record...YONG MAY's BACK for GOOD!!!!

Am so glad to have her back home!! YEAYYIIEEEEE (=

I know it's kinda like a delayed reaction since she was back since Jan 13. But all is good. Spent some time with her last weekend and it was great!! My I've missed her so *hugz*

It's nothing like hanging out with ur best friend, who knows you inside out and who u can relate every single thing with!!


As you can guess by now, I'm off tomorrow and the whole of next week, hence my reappearance to make some "sound" to the "nothingness" that has been abandoned for quite some time now.

Random thoughts...
  • More friends are leaving this year to continue their studies...*sobs*
  • Gaahh...I miss my brother.....ALOT!!!
  • Can't wait to be able to play the violin without actually annoying anyone...speaking of violins...I am reminded of this guy Paul Johnnian (not sure if that's how it's spelt) who has such an annointing that whenever he plays...u'll just be in awe!
  • DATELINES!!!!! FOUR reports and 3 tests all after the CNY break?? yikess!!!
  • I miss my friends abroad...
I am tired but not sleepy...hhmm but if i'm tired...that would mean that my eyes are tired and that it would want to be closed...which would mean that I need to sleep...hhmm does tired eyes means you're sleepy? I mean how do u define sleepy? or can you actually measure your sleepyness??

Okay this nonsensical speaking proves that I'm in need of some sleep...yea time to go to bed...though it's way pass bedtime...

Oh before that, Chinese New Year's round the yea...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! GONG XI FA CAI!! remember to "chiak chay chay" and become "pooi pooi siang ka bo la"!!

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