Thursday, January 12, 2006

My oh fast time flies.

It's been 12 days since the year 2006 and I haven't gotten to drop a lil new year greeting to whoever that stills drops by this almost-abandoned place haha.

Looking back...
Much has happened.
Joyful moments,
OF which all has passed and will only remain as memories, good or bad...
Life hasn't been a bed of roses...or perhaps it has...seemingly that per stalk of rose comes with a dozen...oh okay maybe just a couple of thorns...
But most importantly, As I reflect back, One thing for sure is that I wouldn't have been where I am or become the person I am today if it wasn't for God, His favour and the many wonderful people He has placed around me. There's much to talk about the past but what good would it be if I keep dwelling on the "what ifs", "might haves" and all of life's uncertainties when in fact I am at where I am today. You know, God has been working in ways of which I may never comprehend but I am glad that despite it all, I'm glad that at least I wasn't alone when I had to go through all that I had to and that you know, He's just such a loving awesome God that I don't know how to express my gratitude enough.

Right, there is indeed much of God's favour, shelter and blessings that I have received throughout the year that I would like to share each and every experience and encounter I had, but I guess that might actually take me forever...being one that's not good in expressing my thoughts and relating stories as well as most of you can so I'll spare you all and take you on a lighter note of things, or rather the present...

2006, A year of WORKS.
Not only am I gearing towards the big move of our church to a bigger vicinity, which very much relates to this year's word that God has given "a year of works"...
It very much speaks to me. There are many areas that need much work in my life...

But yea, so I've been told that I would be finsihing my studies end of this year, which is one whole semester ahead, which also means 10 more subjects in 2 semesters and a final year project?? Not sure how it's gonna be done but...completing final year in 2 sems? It seems that they're planning to bring forward our 2-month Co-op (or rather industrial training) end of this year and another 2 more before I graduate to a 4-month training next year. Of which, we would then continue on to work, if our employer would want us that is. I don't know but I guess the thought of all this...gearing towards working life so soon and completing my studies by end of this year oh my...where has all the years gone? and the fact that I'm turning 21?? haHaha...goodness...I' m just still, you kinda totally ready or expecting or...gaahh I don't even know how to express it!!

So yea, doesn't it seem like a whole new *an appropriate word should be displayed but I just can't seem to get it into yea feel free to fill in this blank*

Hmmm...if you are wondering why the sudden re-appearance-entry today...I so happen to have a long break before my next lab session of which I intended to do my assignment, but left it all at home and for the fact the the connections here in college is as fast as the creature on my display picture moves!!

Well...tummy's growling and it's almost time anywayz for my yogurt making lab...which would be done in a pharmacy lab? haha...apparently, our food processing lab is not ready I goooooooooooo


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