Thursday, July 27, 2006

I don't know what to put here already...

So, I had been spending alot of time with friends lately...mainly cos I haven't seen them for a long time or that I just miss spending time with them so much it's begining to happen quite often.

Was at some Italian dining place last was l-o-v-e-l-y. It's called Dave's something...yea I actually forgot the name.

Sorry no pics of the food, we were just hungry and when it came we just couldn't wait any longer...not even one sec...wahAHaha ok now we sound like some barbarian hahAHah...

Oh and I finally watched pirates!!! I guess I expected worse since everyone was telling me how bad it was and all...but it wasn't that bad lah...I enjoyed it equally...just that the creatures were alil too seafood for a while perhaps?? and there were some moments I almost jumped off my seat, can't help...the seats were kinda bouncy too u know!! Watched it at that new Cathay cineplex near the Curve. Quite nice ler the place...but I think I still prefer 1U's GSC.

After that, we (+cuzzies) met michael for dinner.

Could it not be more obvious that I'm short?? haha...

...and it was supposed to be something light! Doesn't it look like chicken? It's actually fish...SERIOUS!!

Well, I was just being jakun since I haven't been to Curve after such a long time since they opened. So that's what a jakun person do with a digicam at a new place...hehe =Þ

Other than that, I just don't wanna think about anything else...especially about my finals and next sem. Let's just let tomorrow worry for itself. The worries today are enough to boggle my mind.

O Lord, please help me get through all this!!!!!

I'm now addicted to a song...and I can listen to it more than 10 times straight in a kid. I don't know how to upload it here so if u're interested to know just let me know. Right time is up...I hear those books calling.

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