Monday, August 21, 2006

4 days gone??

Sigh, the thought of goin back to begin my lab work makes me wish that I could freeze time or at least slow it down as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible before I have to wake up at 9 tmr. Gaaahhhh....

But I would definitely say this 4 days of break was great. Used it til the the expense of some sleeping hours too...but it was a great break. Especially getting to catch up with close friends (=

That was the musical I went this afternoon. I was quite surprised that Douglas Lim could sing and all. Was trying to remember where I saw one of the casts before...found out the name and still could not recall. So I decided to google him...Colin Kirton...ooOOhhhHh...he's that guy from the footstool players. Now no wonder he looked so familiar!! The whole thing was quite good, story wasn't as predictable and it was quite entertaining. To know more bout it, click here (hehe some free publicity)
Not to forget a special thanks to gene ko for the treat (=

Boo hoo...gotta start lab work tmr...*moans and groans and whines*
It's holidays for the school kids. Gaahh I wish I still was in school =Þ

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