Saturday, August 19, 2006

Unread comments

I just realize I had so many unread comments. Something must have gone wrong when I selected the moderated comments option. I was too fed up getting unwanted comments from annoymous people so I decided to chose that all comments will have to go through my moderation before it's posted up. But apparently, the notification that I had new comments weren't sent to me. But somehow yongmay's one came through today...and this was when I realized 7 un-noticed comments from previous posts. I was wondering why haven't I been getting comments for a I know why. *laughs to self*

Just to bring to your attention to those of you who posted those comments months back...I've actually read it!! So I'll just reply most if not all of you here (=

The first two comments were dated back in the month of April. Click here for the entry.

ale said...

oh.. so you is no miss me la?

*sits in the corner and sobs bitterly*

-yong may- said...

Hey hey.. glad to be back home because you are here! Hehe... thanks for the fun time on Saturday! And God will see you through in this busy times! God bless!

Ale dear...u were sobbing bitterly in the corner for soooo long!! hahAHaha...sorry only I read. I "is" miss you not to not miss u?? huh? huh? =Þ I know u know what I meant.

Yongmay...I think back then I was really glad u're back!!! Just so you know...I'm still glad u're around =)

Next was in May. Click here

Davester said...'s been ages since i last visited ur blog :)

just wana leave a msg..

nick, (if u happen to read this blog) - u look like apek man!!!!! :D

very muscular apek :D

sorry couldnt help it :) long time no see bro.

David...haHaha am surprised you still drop by. I don't think Nick reads this...but Kim does...or maybe did...haHaha not sure if she still does. But let me help you...KIMBERLLYYYYYYYYY!!! If you see this...tell your brother David said he looks like muscular APEK!!!
*note - those weren't my words was purely David's!! But just had to re-emphasize =Þ the muscular part that is hehe...

Now, to the month of June
First entry dated 1st of June...

-yong may- said...

Hey pal, no worries. Be strong yeah.. you'll get through.. :)

Thanks pal for all your constant encourages in my times of despair. *huggiez*

And on the 7th of June... here

kimsim said...

Hey Eunice,

I may not know exactly what you're typing abt here, but this is for you as an encouragement..

I got a friend who once told me that sometimes when God puts us through situations like these, it is to help us grow stronger. Stronger as a person, stronger in our faith in Him. Sometimes without realising it, our spiritual lives may be at a standstill..just remaining as 'good'. But hey, God wants us to have a great relationship with Him..not just settle for good. And when put through this kinda stuff, we tend to look for Him more..because we want answers. And it is times like these that God opens our eyes, show us His greatness, and help us grow faithfully in Him.
Stay strong, the end of it all, there will be a surge of hope again. Hope from God.
Oh and don't stop doing good. Remember, you're not doing it for man. You're doing it because it's pleasing in God's eyes. Press on!

May God bless you with peace & joy in your heart, sister! Luv ya lots! :)

KIMBERLYYYYYY!!!...aawww thank you sooooo much for what u just shared. It meant soo much to me though it's been months later. God bless u too sister (= *big huggiezzzzz* next-door neighbour post

Ale said...

Awwwwwwwwww... *sniff sniff*

That was really sweeeeeeeeeet of you to say such things. You make me wanna cry :')

Yeah, I believe it is true that I find comfort and joy having you as a neighbor. Being able to *pop* into your room at any moment, being able to tell you stories and having you tell me yours, being able to confide in someone at stressful times, being able to live the dream we always had when we were kids. Ahhhh.. *exhales* I am seriously blessed to have YOU as my cousin. Thank you for being you..

Loving you dearly,
Your Next-Door Neighbor (:
*bear hug*

Ale dear...hehe I'll be popping in and out more often because...I know u know why...whahaHAhahaha

and last but not least...
dated 29th of June... here

boo boo said...

hehehe..good to see u smiling in de pic..its been a while since i saw u..hahaha...cant wait for august..august fast fast lai lai lai!!!!!!!!!! ahhh...

BOO BOO...yea it's been a while deeee since u left....BUT august is here!! august is HERE already!!!! yeay you're coming back alreadyyyyyy...this sunday!! *grins* Pray that you'll have a pleasant safe trip back home (=

Wow...didn't know this would turn out to be a pretty long entry...

I better go get some sleep to get rid of this bad eye bagssss...
I still find it hard...and it's still haunting last paper that is. The results better come out sooner before I go berserk and turn into a grumpy o panda!!

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