Thursday, August 17, 2006


I almost cried when I got an offline msg from my brother. He was just wishing me for my exams and reminding me to put on a smile no matter the stress loads. Sigh I really misssssss him!!!!!'s finally over. The most dreaded paper is over!! It wasn't tooo bad lah I guess. Must thank God though, for helping me when I was stucked. Couldn't get anything for one particular essay...not til the last 30 mins!! Well, let's just say that I'm overjoyed that it's OVER!


There's that 7 weeks of torture yet to come...begining 28th Aug. Yes sadly my next sem starts then. Only 12 days of break...and minus-ing off a week for starting on my thesis...I practically have this 4 days to relax, unwind, enjoy and catch up on my sleep.

It was definitely nice to meet up with a dear friend whom I've not seen in a while now. Thanks again for dinner (= It's nice to unwind after all the days of exam preperations and just be lifted from the late night "burnt oils" to talking about everything under the sun.

Ooo and boo boo's coming back soooon!!! Yeaynessss!! All the best in all your remaining papers!! Jia you!!

Am feeling very much relieved!!!!

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