Friday, August 18, 2006


I think my body clock needs serious adjustments. I'm still not sleepy enough to be sleeping, tho I really should be sleeping.

I guess I was really stressed out when I found myself waking up this morning with the urge to memorize the processings of margarine, wine and beer. I had that same feeling I had before I sat for my final paper on wednesday. Weird aye?? And as I groggyly woke up and took out my notes to read, trying my very best to memorize all the KEY TERMS and important facts...I then thought to myself...hhmm isn't it over?? Well perhaps it was due to the bad dream I had the night before...

Sigh, guess I can't really be relieved til the results are out!! I really should stop thinking and worrying too much!!

Gosh, imagine if just having one sub with that particular lect this sem...and already I'm having such weird after-exam effects...what more when I have TWO subs with her next sem?? All in 7 weeks summore!!! I really really need God's divine intervention!!!

*takes in deep breath*

There's just soo much on my mind right now. Not sure how keen I am to continue my studies after this. Gahh...I'll be finishing my studies somewhere in mid Oct...then it's all about the thesis and Co-op early next year. So what's next in my journey of life here on earth?? Have I been fulfilling God's purpose of my life thus far??

I seriously miss my dearest brother sooo much. And all my friends who have went abroad. *sobs sobs*

Gaahh...well aside from all that...on a lighter note, I had a great day today. Had lunch with parents and met up with my good ol' pal!! Bumped into a few other familiar faces today. Gah, I think I really need to be wearing my specs whenever I go out already. Can't really see the person's face from afar...and it happened on few occasions...aih pai seh only. So if you saw me somewhere and I did not acknowledge wasn't on purpose yah!! (=

I haven't talked about the jim brickman concert...jazz-fest and a few other things that I've been wanting to do so after me exams. Guess I'll do so when I come about doing it lah...hahAHaha...

I should be getting some sleep RIGHT NOW!!


Oh wait...I can't believe it's already Aug 18!!! That means I'll be starting my FINAL sem in like what...10 days??? Gah and 7 weeks after I'm done...and omg...time really flies!!! A year has almost passed!!! AAAAHHHHHH....

Ale's exam...or even study break also is not til after I start. Sigh...and yongmay won't be around this hoo hoo...but u definitely deserve that break and relaxation. Have fun in camerons ya? bring me back see-taw-beh-lees ya? =Þ Hope u're not too stressed at work. God shall be ur pillar of strength ya (=

Right, I better get goin now...

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-yong may- said...

hey pal! Yeah, God has been amazing... though it was still stressful but the Joy of the Lord, is our strength yea? Have a good weekend yeah... :) will be missing you dearly.