Sunday, August 27, 2006


Finally, after a long long break...haha I wish I could say that for real. I've never got the chance to have that since stepping into ucsi...not that it's a bad thing, I get to finish a year earlier tho. But yea I long for that LOOONNNNNGGGGGGGGG break, if not before I start my training for months, at least after that four months before the next thing/part/whatever you call it of life.

Gosh, I'm feeling it right now...the tension and the i-don't-know-how-to-describe-this-neither-bad-nor-good kinda feeling is getting to me right now. I mean 7 more weeks and I'm finished and done with studies?? Well at least for this degree level. AAAhhHHhh...doesn't that scare you? Well, it is to me!! Also, that's if all goes well and I don't fail any papers ler. I've come to realize this final year, it's not so much as "how many A's have you got?" but rather "pass anot??" haHaha...especially with the current lect that I'm having. But by God's grace and favour, I shall overcome it yet again!!!!!

Need to calm my nerves and not worry too much now.

Will someone take me to an orchestra??

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