Saturday, August 26, 2006


The dreaded moment has come to pass. Results are out!! Just 2 out of 3 tho...

After all the sleepless nights and bad dreams about the subject I worry the most, with the most particular lect of spitting out all her keywords...I'm glad to announce I PASSED!!! Good bye to all nightmares of having to take the supplementary paper or waste a whole semester just to re-take this subject! Thank You God for your favour.

Now that I've got that load off my shoulders, I feel very much relieved!! Woohooooo!! Just have to keep working hard and by God's grace and mercy...I'll make it through my last and final sem with that same particular lect!!!!

Have been doing some trials for my research. Hopefully everything goes smoothly soon so I can carry out the tests for my samples for real. No time to waste anymore. As of monday, it's all gonna studies, labs and nothing more. At least I had a great week off!! Thanks to all that was part of it. It was indeed great to have been able to meet up and spend some time with u all. *smiles*

Need to finish up with what I've started earlier. I've a party to be at later. Woohooooo!! Can't wait! I know it's gonna be fun!! Apart from celebrating my best pal's'll be like a reunion with the rest of the gang!! WAhhaAHhaah...and with the outcome of the results I just got today...I am HAPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

*jumps up and down in excitement*

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