Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy days...

I'm actually feeling (hmm what's the opposite of stress ah??)...relaxed??haHaha...I think I worry to a very much lesser extend now. Last Friday, I had the greatest encounter with my first Love...It was AWESOME!! I just can't help but feel unworthy of such treatment yet at the same time extremely grateful for His love, comfort and assurance time and time again. It was a wake up stop dwelling in the past and move forward face front, press on...come what may...confidently knowing that He's on my side and nothing can come against me.

I really feel it...I mean, I know if I hadn't had that encounter, I wouldn't be as relieved as I am right now with the knowledge of what's to come in weeks to come, or days for that matter...the workload, pressure and stresssssssss...or at least what I think is to come. I couldn't have been able to pull through and He knew it. It's as though a hand from on high, reaching down and waiting for you to reach out to Him, where He'd not only pull you up back on your feet but walk with you through that road of trials. It was just soo awesome, words itself cannot express. Thank You for that great refreshing experience with You!!!


Hmm...Next week's gonna be a week of exams again!! *yikes*

With the many things happening, I thank God for placing wonderful people round about me. Oh, what would I do without them? A friend in need, is truly a friend indeed!!! Thank you YOU!! (=

As they all say, a picture paints a thousand words...
So here's a collage of an awesome time with a bunch of awesome childhood friends!!!!
Us and the massive food we had!!

Up next, the blurry boys who couldn't get enough of their fooooooooooooodd!!

And now...the BOLD (haha)

And the BEAUTIFUL!!!

and that sums up my weekend!!!'s already friday...gosh time really flies!!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!


Davester said...

ehhh where is that place? i oso wanna go!!!! never wait for me! hmmphhh! :)

eunice said...

Hey David!!

You're nicely enjoying urself in south africa wert...What's that compared to this lerrr??? =Þ

Anywayz, it's the Paddington's House of Pancakes@the Curve. time bring u there ler k? =Þ

Ohyea...heard u'd be back for a short weekend. Hope to see ya then (=