Thursday, September 07, 2006

what's on my mind?

Boo boo went back liao. Only got to meet up once. *sobs*

more friends leaving already...*sobs*

Work load's overwhelming. I need a miracle!!
Experiments are not meeting my expected outcomes. I get a large deviation for most of my results. Can't seem to keep temperature constant. Burning oil in the smoking area under the hot sun is killing me. Like smoke and heat is not killing me enough, there's highly reactive chemicals that's choking me! I wish there's just more time in a day!!! Struggling to juggle between studies and thesis.

Quizzes for all 3 subjects next week, midterms 2 weeks after, datelines for assignments end of the month...draft which include trial results and literature review end of the month as well, presentation for one dumb assignment a week after that...and FINALS!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Time is running out. Need to take in deep breaths!!
*screams insanely*

Viva's not until 21st december...good thing: more time to concentrate after finals...bad thing: NO HOLIDAYS!!!!! starting work in jan already. Sigh...

*screams more insanely*

I doubt you'd see any "happy" posts til I finally graduate!

Thank God for the people around who continuously keeps me sane. You know who you are (=


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that I'm one of those keeping you sane? I myself am trying to keep myself insane. Hehe...

Stay strong, darling - eugenius.

eunice said...

hEHehe...yea ur insane self somehow keeps me sane!!

hope this week wasn't too stressful for you.