Friday, September 15, 2006


It's been a tough week. It's amazing how fast time is passing. it's 3 more weeks before my study break...then it's finals...and that's THAT! The End to uni life!! Well not literally...yet! Since I've to get my thesis done first...Besides graduation's not til July next year!! *breathes*

Tho I should really start on my thesis writing, assignments and speaking of reports...I should get soon as I'm done with this. Hehe...

Ale's on hols de. Sob sob...that means I won't get to see her til 6th of October. BOO HOO HOO!!!!

I'm begining to like my human diseases class. Perhaps because it's more on nutrition rather than food processings/technology! and for the very first time...I was actually quite happy with the paper that fussy lecturer set! Don't wanna get my hopes too high tho...will see how I fair next week. *yikes*

Things has been happening...but for what reason...I'm yet to find out. Yup, am kinda clueless about certain things in life and the only thing I can do is to wait on the Lord and trust that He'll straighten things out for me.

Loads to think about. Little time to get things done. Gaahhhh...

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