Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's a SATURDAY....already??

It's a saturday!! Gosh, time really flies when you're having fun huh? I guess I've been relaxing and enjoying myself a lil too much the whole week. Now the thought of going back to coll to continue my experiments for my thesis...aaaahhhhhhhhh...I am sooo not in the mood!!! Just wish it was all over for good! Don't wish to start my industrial training in January also. Yea but I've come this far, what's a few more months rite? At least I don't have to sit and study (or rather MEMORIZE) for exams ANYMOREEE!!! That's really a HUGE relief!!

Waiting in anticipation for my results...the one which kinda determines my future!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! I even had a bad dream about it. Gosh, talk about thinking too much. If only I could channel all that enery I have in over-thinking (which I often do) to my studies, thesis and would be much easier and things would just be GREATT!!

*slaps self back to reality*

Now I can't wait to at least complete my thesis...hopefully by end of this month. Then at least there's time for more relaxations and great holiday escapes before I begin work in January for FOUR months!!! Which also include TWO reports!! Sigh, if only I could fast forward time...

I can't wait to GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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