Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weird things

Hmm...I'm in the midst of enjoying the long awaited BREAK!!! hence, the absence yet again...

So just to keep this alive...let me tell you 6 weird things about myself as I got tagged!!

1. I dislike CHICKEN!!
Despite the norm where everyone just loves the finger liking good tasting chicken...I don't really fancy it. Why? Well, it's just the same reason why some dislike seafood, vegetables, sushi, or DURIANS!!

Not as pets though...rephrased quote from Finding Nemo "Fish are FOOD, not FRIENDS!!". Hmm, maybe this isn't so weird after all...but it beats the majority of chicken lovers so I guess it's validity here as weird is not questionable...aite?

3. I like to bathe!!
Hehe, yup I just LOVE the water!! I'd usually take my showers when I wake up, before I go out (even if it means a couple of times) and when I come back. Most IMPORTANTLY before I sleep. Yes, I just LOVE to BATHE!! Unlike my most unliked furry animal - CATS!! Haha, maybe that's part of the reason as to why I don't really like them so much...nah, despite the fact that they are hydrophobic creatures, I still just don't like them!!!

4. I have this obsession of using things in a certain particular way/position.
Take for example, a towel. I only use a particular portion to wipe my face and etc. It's like parts of the towel have been allocated specifically for a certain body part. Haha, I know...weird aye?
Same goes for using my blanket/comforter where if the design is upwards then it must always be upwards kinda thing...And those are just the few to name...

5. I dream WEIRD dreams!!
I used to always have this DREAMLAND that I dream of. It's like this certain place in my dreamworld where whenever I'm dreaming, I'll be there! Take for instance the location of where I am is at a hotel, then there'll be this same hotel that I'll dream about. I can't even construct and renovate them to my likings. Haha...Haven't visited that place in a long time now though...
And I kinda noticed that I tend to dream when I cuddle up with this particular dowgie of mine to sleep...

6. I craze for tortoises!!
Not sure how it begun, but yea I am all crazy for tortoises!! Soft/hard/real/fake...anything!! Really!! As long as it looks like a tortoise!! If there were earrings or any accessories the shape of tortoises I won't hesitate to get them...SERIOUSLY!!!


ale said... a continuation to my comment in the previous post... Wahhhhhh... I seriously haven't been here that long to not notice 2 posts? Hehehe. No wonder when I told you that I finally found someone who doesn't like chicken as well you were telling me about sushi and durians la... you blogged about this already.. hahaha!

Eh! Rain's playing on the winamp now. HAha. Fun leh. When I visit your blog then Rain come de. Wuahahahahah.. Oh yeah. You watching POTC now. How? Fun ah? Super long rite the story line. HAhaha. Then ending paling weird wan... =)

eunice said...

haHaha...u know wat? I actually forgot I mentioned that in my blog. Wrote it quite a while back before I edited and posted it. waHaHah

oo Rain...go Rain!!
yealoh POTC very the extremely looonnngggggg. Not as good as the 1st and 2nd tho. ahaHaha...yea weird ending.

CAUTION!!POTC spoiler ahead!!
Hmm so the boy in the beginning during the execution and who started singing the pirate song was his son ah? The whole time I keep trying to remember what happened in the previous movie...*lost*

maybe have to watch again, but then soooo long lah haha...
your "father" speaking veli funny lah!! haHAha =Þ