Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Day of Silence

Today isn't just like any other day.

When I'm at my com, I'd usually listen to LAUNCHcast - Christian Contemporary station. Usually a pop-up window would POP up and play songs continuously but this time this was what it says:

LAUNCHcast Is Off the Air - It's a Day of Silence
LAUNCHcast Radio and other webcasters are silent today, from
12 midnight EST to 11:59 pm EST. A recent COPYRIGHT ROYALTY decision will impose punishing fees that could shut down most online radio.
You can do something about it. Go to www.savenetradio.org to find out more, and call your congressional representative before JULY 15th.

Today is only one day of silence -- but if you don't speak up, this could be the only sound we'll hear from online radio.

Gosh, I didn't know there was such a thing. I was curious so I clicked on the link to find out more. Didn't know "Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on July 15 (retroactive to Jan 1, 2006!)". Gee, guess I need to be reading more!

Well, that leaves me with my good ol' musicmatch jukebox and my mp3s.

If only I was at the MPO now. Any sponsors? hehe =Þ

Oh, and it's 26 June. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YONG MAY!!!!


On another note, here's in loving memory of my beloved grandma!

Dearest ammah,

You indeed have been such a blessing to ALL of us! In one way or another you have impacted each and every of our lives. You have showed us unconditional love and support. I am soooo blessed to have you as my ammah. You'll definitely be greatly missed!!! *bigbighugz*

I will always remember the times u took care of me and koko when we were little brats back in the taman mayang home. The specialty of the food and drinks u made, especially your milo and 'kuan lo meen', fried rice, porridge, french toasts, and the yummylicious things u've cooked. Your love, care and concerns from the very moment I was born up til your very last breath has molded me into becoming who I am today. I thank you for all the years of your love and patience in bringing me up.

I'll always remember the times we used to play
Rummikub, UNO, "fishing", and many more card games although you were tired but continued cos I haven't had enough of it...all the chinese dramas/movies we watched and cried/laughed together...the first time I cooked for you in return of the many years u've cooked for me...all the great wonderful times we had together.

Once again, I just wanna thank you sooo much ammah, for everything!! All your prayers and love. Til I see you again, I LOVE you soooo much ammah!!

your granddaughter "you-nee"

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yong may said...

Thanks Eunice... or you-nee. :)