Monday, July 23, 2007


Hey, I've got something I've been wanting to ask...

Yea sure. What is it?

[random person opens door and interrupts unintentionally]

Hmm, maybe I'll ask you some other time.

Doesn't that just kill your curiosity? Wouldn't it kill more if it's been weeks and that person never came back to ask?

Yupyup...I'm sooo curious I think I killed a number of cats. You know...curiosity kills the cat. Rite?

It's just like that feeling when you just knew you did something with someone but never remembered who it was? Kinda like my dilemma of knowing I watched a movie with someone years back but never remembered who it was...Some of you who know me might understand what I'm talking about now but some of you might not...but guess what? I'll leave it hanging...just cos I'm into role playing and trying to get you to feel what I'm feeling right now.

But perhaps it's not working...well, at least I tried.

Weather's pretty crazy these days. It's been raining and I'm actually feeling cold in the afternoons (actually just this afternoon). Sigh, just when I was thinking of a trip to some island or beach now that a close friend just came back from OZ...

Missing dear alebear who's so many miles away in NZ... *sobs*

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