Monday, July 23, 2007

The real piggie...

A [guy]: Can you snort?

me: What do u mean? Like this? *snort*

A: No, like this! *real snort*

me: Oh! *snort*

A: Aiyo, like this lah *real snort*

me: Ok fine. Ask them if they can...

A: Can you guys snort?

B [gurl]: No, I can't.

A: Try and see lah...

B: Aiyo...cannot lah... *snort*

A and me: HAHHAHA

C [guy]: *snort*

A: Nah, see he can.

me: I guess all guys are real pigs then!!!

wahAHahahahAHahaha =Þ

no offense to you non piggiez guys!!

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