Monday, December 03, 2007


I am feeling extremely happy, excited, grateful, amazed, shocked, anxious, nervous, worried, and a lil distressed...all at the same time. Yes I am emotionally confused!

Some of you may be wondering what it's all about. Some of you may already know. I've been wanting to talk about it BUT every time I log into my blog, i just lose the semangatness to blog! I think it's the music playing in the background that makes me lose my excited "must-tell" spirit! lol...

Before I proceed, I want to give all glory and thanks to God for EVERYTHING that He has done for terms of the university applications to further my studies. The application was a success and I've gotten my offer letter, to do my postgraduate studies in Nutrition & Dietetics! I just can't thank Him enough...each time I doubt even for the very slightest of things, He shows me a path of certainty and assurance.

Yea, so currently I'm in the midst of getting other necessary processes done before I leave... *sobs*

Oh well, will update more when everything is more certain :p

Till then, have a great and blessed week ahead everyone!! (=

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