Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brighter side...

Hmm…the post earlier so emotional…just had to let that bit out so please pardon the emotionalness (:

Let’s begin on a lighter note.

  • I love my room. No nice view but it’s big and nice and cozy (:
  • My housemates are great! At least we can all get along well (:
  • There’s a music room (equipped with a piano, a drum set, classical and electrical guitar and a bass and the amps) in the village community center, so that’s a plus! Although the piano is tad old and not really in tune, but better than nothing (:
  • The course is getting pretty interesting. Workload on the other hand is a killer ):
  • Pretty much settled in a church, which happens to be the church yongmay’s cousins are attending as well (:
  • Living on campus is awesome! Don’t have to worry about waiting for the bus or missing the bus or being late because of traffic (:
  • Lovely air (:
  • Awesome bright shining stars and moon (:
  • Interesting bunch of friends made (:

Will upload pictures soon!


Yong May said...

Yey! UPdates!
Yey! my name!

David said...

Glad to hear that you're slowly settling in :) it will take a took me 5 years! :)but now im confused... :) put up pics quick!