Saturday, March 29, 2008

New beginnings

Haven’t been updating for quite some time now but it’s not totally abandoned as yet. Will be updating as frequent as I can from now onwards. Not guaranteed but I promise I’ll try (: I guess I’ve just lost my passion to express myself here as freely and often as I used to. Perhaps you can say it’s of mere laziness. But just to not sound like a big fat slump, I’ve really been busy, hence the lack of time to update this :p Busy in terms of preparing myself to come to Australia and now that I’ve been here, been busy adapting. It all happened so fast I haven’t had the time to sit down and feel the moment. The last few days/weeks back home spent with family and friends will always be remembered dearly. Gah, just saying that makes me cry cos I’m missing you all soooooo very much!!

Have been experiencing so much of changes and this is pretty overwhelming. Things are always easier said than done. It’s easy to say yea I’m alright and adapting well when deep inside I’m really just struggling. It really hits you especially when you face circumstances that make you realize all the lil things you take forgranted back in the comfort of your own home. It then makes you wish you treasured them more back then. You try to keep yourself busy from thinking or worrying too much but sometimes you just can’t keep up with the reality and you end up breaking down. You give your all but sometimes it’s just not enough. You’ve been brought up to trust and depend on God cos men may fail you but never will He fail you nor forsake you but sometimes you just need someone you’ve been so close to for soooo many years. Just seeing them makes a whole lot of difference. It is true new friends are made but it’s just not the same as those whom you’ve known for many years and who knows you inside out. That’s just exactly how I’m feeling inside…

…but when I think of God’s favour and greatness in my life I know He’ll guide me through this whole new journey…and I will embrace what He has instored for me.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life


Ale said...

*hugggggggggg* :)

eunice said...

alebearrrrr!!! me miss you heapsss!!!!!