Friday, July 11, 2008


I haven't had the motivation to update my blog. It's been a week since the holidays has begun. Though the holidays are not as exciting as planned, I'm happy!! It's nice to just sit and relax and take your mind off everything...especially after the stressful first semester! I survived!!!!

Feeling kinda anxious now. My first paper was really tough. It was sooo bad that I freaked out and forgot lots of things. The Examination Board members met yesterday to discuss about the students who failed the exam and whether they would let them pass or not. So if they don't...they'd be notified in the next few days. I sure am not hoping to hear from them!!! Trying even not to check my mails just so I don't stumble upon hearing from them. haha =p Oh well, let's not dwell on this.

I can't believe a semester's dearest koko is back in msia for about 10 months now!! how time flies!!! before I know it, Yong May will be here!!! yea yea?? huhuhu =p can't wait...and not just for a couple of days but for a WEEK!!! woohooo!! Hopefully I'm not bogged down with work when she's around.

and my dearest cuzziebear ALE is coming to Australia!! Too bad she's not coming to Adelaide. So near yet sooo farrrrrr! At least there's a higher chance of seeing her if we both don't go back end of the year. Ya Ale...ya ya?? we must berholiday together-gether!! soo long din see you dy lehhhhhh. mishhhhhh youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! *hugzwugz*

I know I haven't been uploading recent pics. It'll come...soon (:

Oh, and a friend actually called me all the way from Hong Kong. How sweet of her (: It's nice to get surprises like this! Oh...and I've got 2 free tickets to the Australian String Quartet. Anyone interested? hAHaha...It's on me (of course it's free!! hahaha =p) but you'll have to come to Adelaide by 22nd cos it's on the 23rd haha =p Not sure how good it is though. But it's exciting cos I've never won free tickets before. None of those kinda competitions where you answer a few questions or enter a slogan or something to win something. And for this...all I had to do was just ASK for it!

Alritey, I guess I'll stop here for now. Missing all you guys back home soooooo much!!!!

Have a great weekend!! (:


alebaabaaman aka uncle pao's couz :) said...

haiyakkkkkk! *karate chop*

LOL. i have no idea why i did that. nothing to do gua. Aiya. I wanna go toilet. but have to bring the bagasi inside also. So the memalaskan. SO YAYYYYY!! I'll get to see you end of the year kays? Almost 100% de that I wont be going back. Huhuhu.. So see youuuhhh.. Love ya! *muax*

eunice said...

wahhhhh so ganas wan this alebaabaaman aka mr pao!! =p

you is so the funny lah! you should be in aussieland already by now hehe(: how you liking it so far? that you're nearer our telepathy system is back in business =p

you should prolly be busy settling down haha. to bad i cannot help you 'settle down' =p huhuhu =p

hope to hear from you soon!!


alebaabaa aka not mr. pao but uncle pao's cousin :) said...

Hahahaha.. I think I remember Ah Eng Chi Chi or someone telling me to help you settle down in Adelaide last time rite? Hahahahaha.... Wait ah.. I still haven't find ang mor for you yet.. Then there's this Elaine who wants me to find for her a Jewish-Australian with a British accent, and 3 other friends who wants me to find when ang mors also. Haih.. If I knew, I should have opened a match-making business or something. But for you it's free of charge! LOL. And you'd definitely get my top priority >.< Hahahahaha. Aiyo. See what Aussie air is doing to me -___- Hahaha.. +=) Pope says Hi! (I heard the POpe's in Aus!) Hahahahahha

eunice said...

was it ah eng chi chi? i tot it was someone else.

wah so the banyak criteria leh your kawan auseniale ask for in a guy from aussieland haha =p

ohyea i saw him (=+ on tv today. my new hsemate got this super huge tv! like the one in ah yi's house!!!

i keep reading about you teawling how coouuu you are now i also feel very coouuuu =p


*sneezes 3 times in a row*