Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dessert Nite

When it's cold and freezing, all you need is something to keep you warm. For me it wasn't wrapping myself with thicker fury clothings, putting up the temperature of the heater or doing more exercise to produce more body heat. It was just simply eating more...and more...and more...

...and especially when you're in boring Adelaide with plenty of time to spare and no where to go at nights (other than clubs and bars) this is what we decided to do.

Yes yes...amazingly we had all of that in one night. Not all of the crumble though. At the end of the night, we were sooo FULL...full of water that is and plenty of visits to the loo to do number 1. haha I didn't know they number their 'businesses' 1 and 2. 1 for wee wee-ing and 2 for the BIG one. Not a good time to be talking about that but oh well =p

So, 4 different sweet warm 'thong sui's and some apple crumble. I think my love for baking has blossomed! Now my new hsemates bakes heaps toooo...and she's great. Like a professional. The amount of details for the toppings of the cupcakes she made the other time...too bad i don't have a picture of it. Anyhoo, just imagine how hard it is to stay away from those excess fatty yummy fooooods =p (why then do you think there are no signs of my pictures here...wahahAHAhha :p)

Oh before I results are out!!! and I just wanna THANK GOD for it...and all you who have kept me in your prayers! It's just so amazing how He comes through for you even for the smallest lil things. Like I've mentioned earlier about one of my exams which I feared I would fail, turns out I did better than I expected (: How else to explain it than God's grace and favour. So it's ONE more week of hols with NO WORRIES (:

Oh and an official welcome to ALEBAABAA my dearest cuzziebear to AUSSIELAND! How's the 'air' treating you? lol =p Too bad Australia is such a huge country if not I'd drive (if only I had a car now) over there now to seeeeeee youuuuuuuu.

Alritey me go! Have an awesome weekend everyone (:


Mr. Man's daughter said...

apaluuuuuu... hahahaha.. wahh... thank you thank you! Got weawcome for me summore ah! Wahhhh *huggggg* LOL. The air's still a bit funny. And making me really lazy. Yoh. Got so many stories I think like last time you wanna tell as well. But so lazy to type la. HAhaha. See if I can blog anot la. LOL.

And you knowwwwwwww... everyone's telling me to get a car here.. and know what??? It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tempting to do so. Seriously! Sigh =.=

eunice said...

of course lahhhh....alebear wohhh must give big big weawcomeeeee!!!! hahaha *bigbighuggiez*

eyy yealah...i think most of the stories i sudah lupa leh =p

wahhh get car. get get...then hoh you drive here!!!! hahahahaha since you're the super better manual driver rite...hahaha...kk get the car and drive here kay...huhuhu =p

alebobochacha said...

hahahahaha... why must get manual leh? everyone here is driving auto woh. even the bus drivers >.< hahahaha. but yealah. even my uncle and aunty persist me to drive if and when i need to. i'm like "haiyoh, no need lah. don't want la. waste petrol only." then they summore can rebut and say, "easier lah! more hong pien for you." i hear also i scared already.. dun wanna fight with them. lol.

ish. my first phone call. haha. someone just called my phone and i so tak biasa. keep thinking it's like malaysia. but then they'll speak with accent. then only i "ohhhh.. sorry wrong number" LOL! XD i blurblur la. nono how to use phone. i is come from sea jungle =)

yong may said...

Adelaide boring kah? But I'm coming soon! Nevermind! We bake and shop ya! eh.... then what my bro do ah?

eunice said... the pro manual wan mahhh haha. but yealah the bus driver here so happy auto wan. summore got the hydraulic thingy they always like to play wan...rite rite?

yeay i is got call from alebaabaa!! in the middle of the night summore haha =p so the funny lah youuuu. you realize anot when you call i is lolo what to say? huhu =p

yongmayyyyyy (: erm quite lah esp during winter haha =p but it'll be spring when you come here. should be better. can go to the beach or hiking! now if only i had a car...and i hope they don't give us heaps of work to do during the mid sem break!! yes yes we can bake and cook and shop and talk til dawn!! your brother can err do what we do tooo!! hahahaha =p ooo me so excited!! can't wait can't wait can't waaaiiiitttttttt!!!!!

yong may said...

Guess what! I book my aussie domestic ticket already! The Leow siblings are coming on Monday 29 sept and will be there till saturday oct 4!!!!
6 days with the you-niece!!!!!

eunice said...

woohoooooooooo!!!!! i'll be counting down the days from now on (: huhuhu =p

soooooooo excitingggg!!!!!

*goes insane*

wahhahHHAHAHAHaAhAHaHaHaAhaHaHa =p

SmileyMan said...

LOL.. "6 days with the you-niece" ... YongMay starting to sound like us oready la. Huhu.

eunice said...

LOUUUUUUUUUUU!! yeshh mr smileyman (: