Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Winter Break

3 weeks of winter break has come and gone. Oh, how time flies!! Everyone was either back home or on holiday somewhere else but here I was, in the quiet ol Village in Adelaide! It's funny how flowers blossom and grass grow and everywhere's much greener here in winter. Not a typical winter that one would imagine.

Uni has begun and I'm already in my 2nd semester. I have had my first classes for all subjects and it scares me as to how uninterested I am to ALL of them. Perhaps I am still on a holiday mode but I am definitely having more than enough sleep...even more compared to my first semester, yet I feel tired and sleepy in class. Someone said it was because I was bitten unknowingly by the spider I killed the other day. Yessss, there was this huge enormous gigantic spider in my room the other day. Too horrified to be taking pics of it so no evidence of how hugely enormously gigantic it was!! But I killed it alright. Normally, I would be screaming "Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...." and wouldn't have to deal with it but dad's not here. My housemates were asleep (they're prolly as freaked out as I was anyways) and the only guy housemate was not back yet. So, it was either gonna be a sleepless night of spider gazing or to have a peaceful sleep by KILLING it!! Amazingly, I did the latter (:

As I said earlier, classes has just begun on monday BUT I already have a scheme of questions on pregnancy due tomorrow!! I've been so tired and sleepy (despite having at least 7 hours of sleep) yet when I try to sleep during my lunch break I can't! I can only fall asleep on my desk while attempting to do my pregnancy theory questions. But I would then wake up every 10 minutes because of the noisy birds and coldness! It's only my first week, no in fact it's only the first 2 days and already I feel exhausted!!

Anyway, here's a few pics taken during the holidays (:

Doesn't this look familiar? Hmmm...the potatoes actually look like 'pao' don't they? Like kaya or redbean pao since it's so smooth (: Haven't eaten pao in AGES!! oh no wait...I did when I had some dim sum the other day. It's funny they call dim sum 'dim sim' here. Weeeiirrrrddddd =p

Having fun with the revolving door at the entrance of IKEA (:

The Town Hall: I had free tickets to the Australia String Quartet! It was actually worth $41 and I got it for free courtesy of Study Adelaide. I hope they have more free tickets like this (:

Flora, the friend I went with to the concert. It was lovely! Makes me feel like practicing my violin (: Too bad I don't have Mr. V with me. Sorry Yong May, guess you have to scout for another violinist for your wedding =p

Alrightey, that's all for now. Back to work!!


yong may said...

You are tired and studying on pregnancy? Maybe you ARE pregnant... hmmm... having a "boring" winter? Are Youuuuu sure? Haha!

Eh, no wonder I haven't met mr. right yet leh. You don't have Mr.V with you.... I need a prelude! Hehe.

eunice said...

Lol...well, if you consider the fats around my belly = being pregnant =p
but nolah!!! tired and studying on pregnancy doesn't make me pregnant kay? huhu...guess what's our next topic? breastfeeding!! haha =p

wahhh, no Mr.V = no Mr.Right? pressure-nye!! your Mr.Right will come lah (: he's prolly on his way now in his shining armor on a white horse! haha =p

ey what's happening Oct 25? must tell me must tell me!!!!!!!! or at least a hint lah!

yong may said...

Hahahha!!! So, after getting pregnant, then giving birth, then later learning on breastfeeding.. i'm sure you'll be an expert about breasts!! you and david chan have something in common to chat about then!! hahahahaha!

My Mr. Right riding on a white horse? Haha... must be a slow horse indeed... hehehe. Yeah, i know he'll come... will let you know.. then the pressure of playing the violin will be real!

Oct 25 ah... soon lah... actually nothing biggie lah.. just excited about it. :)

eunice said...

how does learning all that make me an expert on breasts? lol...you ah =p

hehe...slow horse but at least he's on his way! mine is prolly lost in some jungle haha =p

Oct 25 still sooo long lah...what's it what's it? tell lahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! soon? how soon? now lah...you email me and tell me kay kay? huhuhu =p i wanna share your excitedness also mahhhh...

chi leh hint pun boh? ):

yong may said...

oklah, wah ho loo chin nyah seh leh eh hint.

During Christmas eh see hor, wa gah lu deed deed zo ha mee?

Haaa... hor lu hint liao. Hehehe.

Lu zai wah kong ha mee boh?

eunice said...

zho ha mee leh? hmmmm...

thiao bu!!! hahahaha

lu join ma-lai-aa ae "lu seow lu ae thiao bu"?? or pat lay thiao bu a competition?

teok mm toek?

David said...

Whoa .. the Hokkien converging here aye?

Yong May's wedding? Whoa ... *wink

yong may said...

David: Hey! Join the Hokkien conversation lah! Haha. No, not getting married. Definitely not faster than you! *wink *wink

Wahhh!! Lu jin niah gao loh. Panai loh!
Wa eh thiao bu oh deng uu jo thiao bu eh show. So, wah jin niah huah hee loh!

eunice said...

lol...yealah you guys all getting married. ever since i came here, all i hear from back home is friends getting married. you guys should all get married at the same time so i can just make a trip back home once and go for all!!! hahaha =p

waaaahhhh teok ah...actually ale ka wa kong wan. wa mui ee before lu ho wah hint then ee guess teok lu join thiao bu competition. then after lu ho hint wa mah guess what ale seaw teok in the first place. huhuhu...si mi show? lu lai chi peng ae si lu ka wah kong in detail lah kay? huhuhu...

ko uu goh chap goh jit!!! hahaha like some chinese name only >.<

yong may said...

Wahhh... ale jin niah panai loh.
See mi show? Wah eh hokkien bo aneh ho liao. Beh hiao kah lu kong. Haha!

Wah jin niah sukak kong hokkien wuah duah lu eh blog.
Jin niah ho ee loh.

Lu dua ou zao bo kong hor?

eunice said...

jin niah ho ee ma kong ka chay loh. huhuhu >.<

chee peng bo eong hokkien uey. a bo lang ka wa kong ah...only if wa ka wa ae lau pek lau bu kong uey lo >.< lu lai ae see wa lang kong hokkien uey k? then bo lang ae chai wa lang kong see mi. huhuhu >.<

wa ba lu pa jin niah chay siah. wa ai ki chiak >.< pooi pooi bola :p

yong may said...

Ha mee si pa jin niah chay siah? Wa zai pa sah gah pang sai lah... haha.

Okay okay! wa lang kong hokkien wah.. tapi hor.. wah kong beh kong woh... wah eh hokkien "puah lak".. "half past six" ah neh kuan.
Tapi typing jin niah ho liao lah. Hehe.

You siang kah bola liao ah? Aiyoh, aneh ho jiak ah?

eunice said...

oh wah beh key jit leh ji. supposed to be wa eh pa "toh" jin niah chay siah. ha mee si pa sah? hahaha :p

pooi pooi siang ka bola. hahah :p lu lai ae si mian teok chuak. wa prepare lu how seng. huhu >.<

yong may said...

Ohh... lu ai pang pui see boh? Pang pui loh, biao kin eh. hehe
Pa sah see.. "hang cloths".

Wah... lu ai zu ha mee hor wah?
wa ba toh eeyau liao.

eunice said...

wa mana u kong wa ai pang pui? wa kong pa toh chin nia chay seeah nia mah. cos eeyau mah >.<

tapi hoh...lu lai chi peng ey si lu ey pa toh pun tia teok uu chin nia chay seeah. chi peng ey chui ey si. eeyau ah bo eeyau pun uu seeah >.<

*gruk gruk gruk*

lu cheng cloth nia ah. bo pak sa (clothes)? jit leh cloth pau lu ey sing ku? siang ka saree? huhuhu >.<

yong may said...

Oh see loh hor. Wa kong cloth niah. Aiyah, ah neh ho chio.

Hai, wa dong keem jin niah bo eng ah. Wu ha leh concert mah jai.

Pang wa lang "kei tou" ah?

Wa jin niah 'miss' lu leh....

eunice said...

hehe >.<

oh si loh hoh...tonite uu concert!! aiya i missed the flight they were on already ):

hoh ah...wa ka lu lang tau kao (: hope you guys have a great awesome time!!!

wah pun chin nia siao liam lu lehhhhhhh