Saturday, August 02, 2008

The mystery of the hidden ginger

On one cold and windy night, a friend and I decided to make some pumpkin soup. As we did not have all the ingredients and necessary utensils, we made do with what we had. So, our pumpkin soup only had pumpkins, tomatoes and onions. Because we did not have a blender, we boiled it for a lil while longer to ease the mashing process later. I was quite shocked that tomatoes were required to make pumpkin soup. Ginger was also one of the ingredients but as we all know how expensive ginger is here (at least $8-$12/kg), we omitted that. Finally, everything turned out alright and we added a lil milk into it to thicken the consistency.

Everything was done and it was time for some tasting. I must say it tasted real good. We loved it! Had a slice of toast with it and it was just simply awesome (: Then suddenly, half way through the soup, she discovered a tiny slice of ginger in her soup!! No kidding, it was a small lil tiny slice of ginger in our pumpkin soup. How on earth did that ginger got into the soup? You might also be wondering as to how that happened right? Guess I should tell you the other part of the story (:

That night when we started preparing, her housemate came out to cook as well (she always seems to come out to cook when we start …it was almost as though it was on purpose, but that’s a whole other story all together). Now, you probably might have guessed that’s how the ginger appeared in our soup right? She must have cooked a dish with ginger as well and it somehow flew into our soup, right? She indeed made some stew with lots of ginger but let me paint you the picture of the scenario that night in words.

She was cutting and preparing at the far right side of the kitchen while we already left our soup to boil at the far left of the kitchen. Lid was fully closed as it already had a tiny hole on it. Never did we leave the lid open unattended. So the idea of the unintentional “flying ginger” has been ruled out. So what now? Why was there a slice of ginger in the soup? The only explanation would be an intentional ginger adding while we were watching tv. Imagine with me now. That would mean she had opened the lid and threw in that ginger? Why on earth would she do that? You might be thinking, it’s only ginger…but why would someone do that? We’re sure glad it’s only ginger…never know what else she might try adding then.

Lesson of the day: never leave whatever you’re cooking unattended, especially when that PARTICULAR person is there.

I should probably say that they both aren’t on good terms, so excuse me for being overly concerned over that tiny slice of ginger!


huahua man said...

huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! so the dlama ah >.< huhuhu

eunice said...

huahua remind me of ah hua!! hahahaaha =p

yalaarrrrr...crrazzzzyyyy rrriiiittteee??? @.@

huahua man said...

I is your cousin called ah hua! Leally wan! >.<

Huhuhu. Who the fler la? Why so the dlama until one slice of ginger also can cause extreme tension O_o

wooooooooooooooooo @.@ Hahaha. so funny la this one. Look like your eyes @.@

eunice said...

hello ah hua!! hahaha reminds me of that time in spore lah...when he carry ee leen's bag. huahuahua =p


yong may said...

Maybe it's Remy from ratatouille!