Sunday, August 31, 2008

I update my blog because...

  • I'm a bludger --> trying to avoid doing my work/assignments/readings/studying
  • I have a testimony of God's favour in my life that I need to tell EVERYONE
  • I have something really exciting to talk about
  • I've got pictures to show it to you all
  • I'm bored
  • I'm procrastinating
  • I'm depressed/down/unsettled/restless
  • I'm missing all of you so much I just want to let you know...though you may or may not even know it
  • I feel like it
  • Ale can't stop laughing at the rainbow pic below!!

huhuhu >.<

I miss Ms. Leow Yong May
I miss my dearest cuzziebear



Ale said...

LOL! YEAYYYYYYYY.. you finally updated something! NO more laugh-at-first-sight of blog already :)
HUhuhu.. but seriously manyak funny la ne lainebow pic. I cannot tahan! HAhahHAhahAH..(I will still scroll down to see it - so you better post more. Hohoho.

I miss you tooooo! *give the biggest bear hugs in the world*

Now since Optus-Optus=free.. I can call you more. HOho! Next time, if you got anything rite, you can just sms me.. or give me a miss call and if I'm home (and when everyone sudah tidur) then I can CALL youhhh.. HUHU. cannot use so much when my uncle/aunty is at home coz it's their "mobile" :) If I am not home I can still call you if I have credit. No worries kay? If you really need to talk to someone or got any "heart" unsettling probs you can let me know yahhhhhhh?

LOVE YA BEARY MUCH! :) *hugggggggggg tight tight*

eunice said...

laugh laugh laugh...sooo notti. someone needs some beating on the backsai!! *piak*

wahhhh syoknyeeeee. yeayyyyyy...i'll bother you alot alot dy then. during the nite then when your uncou is no expecting peepou calling on his 'mobile' to bersocialize. huhuhu >.<


*greatest biggest beary huggiez ever*