Sunday, August 10, 2008

Somewhere over the...


I saw another rainbow today. It's the first time I see a full rainbow. I mean like the whole arch...not like just some partial rainbow where the other half is faded. I was on my way back from a long walk when I saw it. Couldn't take a pic of it as I was running home to avoid getting drenched again. Thank God it only poured when I finally got in!!

Since I couldn't snap a picture of the lovely rainbow...

Minus the pot of gold tho :p

Oh, and since it has been raining, it has gotten so much greener!!

The green-ness not captured here tho...but notice the small lil stream!! It's taken at the same time as the picture above just with different lighting. Not bad wey the camera in my phone/camera phone/phone camera (whatever it's actually called) :p

As compared to back in summer...

It's not exactly the same spot but it's within the same area...the 'valley' (under the bridge). Imagine it was all dry and brown and HOT but now it's all GREEEEEEEEEEN (refer to 1st 'green' picture).

I will attempt to take snapshots of the same spots I took in summer and now to compare...when I have the time :p

Alritey, enough stalling for me now. Have a terrisome (terrific+awesome) weekend (:

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