Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I wanna go home...

I wanna go home

I wanna go home

I wanna go home


I miss home, I miss hearing koko and mummy's chattering voices, koko's shimmering singing voice, daddy's laughter...

I miss all of them sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

I wanna go home

I wanna go home

I wanna go home


Don't mind me...when the workload gets to you, all you can think of is to be in the comforts of your own home!! Not the house where your room is in here a million miles away but the HOME home!!! The HOME you grew up in and practically lived your life in, HOME!!! That's where I wanna be now...

I'm imagining myself at the front door of my HOME, with the staircase on the left, living room on the right, tv right in front of me, piano behind it, dinning room further in on my right, kitchen far behind, with mummy, daddy and koko in it. I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS them sooooooooo much!!!!!!!! *sobs*

As you can see, I am also deprived of isketch-ing!!!

I sure could use a big huge hug right now...


Yong May said...


Ale said...

bearyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... so cute your drawing!!!! and your parents and koko in the kitchen??!!! ahahahahaha.. i know you wanan go home.. but when i read i can't help but laugh eh. SORRY!! Don't emo la kay? Your bff coming to weesit you de.. my bff wont be coming also.. huhuhu -_-" *gives beary the bggest hugs in the world*

I WANNA ISKETCH TOO! isketch i sketch! so nice la your drawing! It actually looks exactly like your home! same only! huhuhuahahhaha >.<

eunice said...

thanks bestie!!! bigbig huggiezzzzzzzz (:

alebearrrrr!!! that is not the kitchen lah =p kitchen behind wohhh...through that arch haha =p
like this lah now...always also laugh. notti notti...time to beat someone's behind *piakpiak*

yealah so long never isketch dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ):

you draw something on your blog lah then i guess =p

Ale said...


You said, "dinning room further in on my right, kitchen far behind, with mummy, daddy and koko in it."

I FOUND THAT SUPER HILARIOUS!!! What's all your family members doing in the kitchen all at once eh? So squeeeeeeeezy ^-^ AHahHAhhAhAhAHAhHAHhAhahahAH.. That's why I laughed!!!

*still laughing*


p/s: you cannot iSketch =(

eunice said... that you mention it...that sounds kinda funny.

actually i meant to say my mummy, daddy and koko in it (the HOUSE)...not referring to the kitchen lahhh =p

yealah dunno why cannot cannot isketch ): sad weyyyy...sadddddd!!!

i wish perth and adelaide was like pd and subang...then at least can veeseet you every weekend or something!!!!!!!

me wan gib you big big hugg >.<

Ale said...

awwwwwwwwww... *biggest hugs*

huhu.. yeah la. we should be nearer. then only fun! -_-" aih.

still *hugs* (real one) ^-^

lub ya beary much! :)

David said...

it does look like your house actually! well, actually i cant really comment as the last time i went there was at least 10 years ago!! :)

i know how u feel about wanting to go reminds me of how i felt when i first came..actually it took about 3 years before that feeling actually subsided. having said that, once in a while i do think of going home but not with that sort of craving. sometimes you wonder why in the world did u put urself thru this when u can have all the comforts in the world at home...but i guess it'll pay off when ur done.

hang in there!

eunice said...

woa...that long huh? i think i might have a picture of you from back then! gotta go dig up the archives!!! =p

3 years huh? i'm not even half way there...i've only been away for about 7+ months!! gahhh i missss homeeee!!!

will you be goin back anytime soon?

David said...

eh dont worry about the pic..i think it's in the interest of u and the rest of the world that it stays in your archives! it's too horrible for public viewing!

hahah oh i forgot to mention that it takes probably twice as long in's just the way you guys are! :D

im not helping am i?

eh dont forget, everytime i come home it'll be a surprise... :)

eunice said... that you mention it takes twice as long...i just might have all the time in the world to dig those photos out, wouldn't i? just so I'd keep my mind of missing home too much. thanks for the tip! i know you wanna share it with the rest of the world!!! hehehehe (:

ooo surprise surprise...your parents reaction the other time was just priceless. aite you sneaky surprisey boy, i'll see ya on your next surprise trip then (: that's if I'm back for that >.<

yong may said...

David said "eh dont forget, everytime i come home it'll be a surprise... :)"

You know what's the best surprise? Coming home with a wife on hand, and a child on the other!


eunice said...

lol...i reckon that'd be more of a shock than a surprise!!

huhuhu >.<