Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I think apart from the fact that I have four major assignments due next week (don't you just hate it when they're all just clustered in the same week?), I'm meeting my supervisor for my ward allocation (pre-placement practice) tomorrow!!!!! This is so nerve-wrecking! I'm in the midst of juicing every bits of my brain juice to work on my assignments and my brains aren't cooperating. So I can't focus on working on my assignments cos I am sooo nervous about tomorrow! Sure it should be exciting and all but I just don't know why I am feeling what I'm feeling at the moment. Some sort of paranoia I guess!!

All of that just adds on to my unsettledness!!!!

First impressions are sooo important and I'm so worried I'll just, you know, not give a good first impression. Gahhh, I am freaking out!!!!

Please pray for me. Thank you guys (in advance)!!!!!!


Ale said...

*hugs* Thank God it went well! :)

At least your brain's big (according to 'How Big Is Your Brain?'). So got a tad more juices to squeeze out from even when it sudah kering!


eunice said...

yea THANK GOD!!! He's the only reason why I'm still alive and sane. thanks heaps for your prayers!!!!!!!

lol...that wan bluff wan lah =p

i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...so badly lah!!!

Ale said...

awww.. mish you too! :)