Saturday, September 13, 2008


This is the first time ever since I came to Adelaide that I could hear thunder!! But certainly not as MIGHTY as the ones we get back home. It's just like a mini/light/soft-sounding thunder that wouldn't scare the tiniest creature on earth!!

Spring is finally here. The weather has been good. It's nice to just go out with shorts, tees and thongs and not all the layers of thick clothings and shoes everyday!!!! Hooray to SPRING!!!


Ale said...

Man. So unfair :(

We got bad weather here. And winter was even warmer than spring -__-"

SO cheating! I still haven't gotten out my shorts :( or sandals :( I wish to. I want to. But. Hmm. Maybe today I will wear shorts. Wuahahahaha. For fun. And kill my legs for a bit >.<

MIss you bear! Update more.. Destress :) Glad to hear that you are almost done. HOpe you can do well. No worries ey? God will take care of you :)

LOVE YA BEARY MUCH! *hugggggg*

eunice said...

i think i spoke too soon. the spring weather has just been blown away by the crazy strong hurricane-like winds. i guess it's a plus now then to have those extra weights!! lol >.<

(SS consoling self :p)

love ya beary much too mrman!!!! *huggggg*