Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What is happening to me?

I don't want to be scaring myself but...

Last week when I blew my nose, blood came out. You can imagine how freaked I was when I saw blood on the tissue!!! AAAHHHH!!! I thought prolly it was just too dry and I haven't been drinking enough I made sure I drank heaps of water everyday and it got better.

Today, I felt an itch on my scalp...and just like every normal person would do...I scratched. but guess what? I realize there was dried blood on my finger and I wasn't even scratching excessively. Dried blood...meaning it was bleeding before? aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... the sight of blood just scares me!

and if that's not enough, we've been having lectures on enteral feedings for adults and even lil infants with videos on how the tube is inserted and...aahhh talking about it sends shivers down my spine!! it was worse when they showed how PEG incisions were made *shivers* and being aware of how common it is for children to accidentally drink chlorine which burns their oesophagus, thus having to be on enteral feedings for the rest of their lives!!! How sad ):

as you can see from here how unfit it would be for me to be doing medicine!!!! *faints*

big salute to those who did, are doing or planning to do medicine!!!!!

Now with all that, how am I gonna survive ward allocations??

Thank God I'm placed in the maternity ward.

Every little thing is driving me insane!!!!!!

Speaking of every little thing, I realize I don't have lots of songs I used to listen to in my lappie. I wonder where it all went...or did I just not transferred it all here?


I so need to scream my lungs out!!


Ale said...

Are you okay? Stress, must be! Take loadsa care of yourself kay? I won't be there to watch you.. but I'll be here praying *real hug*

miss youuuuuu.. don't stress out! :)

pls, go on screaming :)

eunice said...

come scream along with me!!!!! O:

Ale said...

O: *screams*