Wednesday, November 12, 2008


it is soo extremely HOT today. normally it would still be quite cooling here in my room...but not today.

super super hot!!! oven hot! baked and ready to be serve!!!

thought it would cool down a lil at nite but it's still sooooo HOT!!!! is there a hotter word for HOT. cos it's just soooo HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

(sings) fire is hot!! seven times hotter than hot has got...
should be familiar to those of you who grew up listening to the donutman!!


yong may said...

Hot hot the fire is hot!!!
Seven times hotter than hot has got!
The Lord will join you in the fight
If you take the stand for what it's right!

Hot hot, the fire is hot!

I remember! And I'm surprised that you do!!! Haha. Apparently, alot of ppl remember this part too. Haha

Sigh, good ol' donut man. Hehe

I tried looking for the lyrics on google but there's none. I guess we are the only fans of donut man left. Hehehehe

eunice said...

lol...yea i wonder what kids listen to these days =p can't win a battle with a horn *funny horn sound* ...oh, silly jos-h-u-a!!!

yong may said...

Ol' King Harold was a wicked ol king!
*speaks in wittle kids voice* Ol' King Harold was a wicked ol king!

He was proud as anything!

So worms came to nibble on his fingers! Nm Nm Nm!