Thursday, November 13, 2008


can't get this song outta my head (:

I know you're hurting
Feels like your learning
'Bout life the hard way
And it ain't working
Seems like forever
That you've been falling
It's time to move on
Your life is calling, yeah

This was never meant to be the end
Close the book and start again

Cos i know how hard it can get
But you've gotta lift
You've gotta lift
And sometimes that's how it is
But i know you're stronger
Stronger than this
You've gotta lift
You've gotta lift

When you can feel your
Whole body's aching
What's left of your heart
It wont stop breaking
You've got to let go
You took a hit
Time to pick up now
Move on from this

This was never meant to be the end
Close the book and start again

You've got to lift yourself up above all
the hurt
Don't give in
Wipe your eyes and remember you're better
than this
Let them know that they took their best shot
and they missed
Come on and lift

Pick up now...
Pick up now...

~shannon noll~

sorry, no link to youtube. saving on my mbs currently =p

but this really reminds me bout last week's msg. how easy it is to just moan and groan bout tough situations and dwell in the past, and more than often we forget how BIG our God is. we should reclaim the things that are rightfully ours! therefore, pick yourselves up and praise God for all things in all seasons!!

It's less than 5 days before my first exam this coming tuesday.

All the best ALE dearest for your exam tomorrow!! can't believe you'll finish even before i start. haha...wish we could celebrate together after i finish mine. if only we were nearer to each other ):
Anyways, enjoy your trip! we shall work towards making our next road trip a reality! gahh missing you heapppssss!!! *\_o_/*


ale said...

thanks beary :)

me is finish de. but my stress levels are still high. i need to destresssssss!

Jia you bear! :)

eunice said... finish dyyyy! i wanna destressss with youuuuu!! huhuhu...but still got 10 days!

when you load tliping?