Sunday, November 02, 2008

I feel loved (:

Apart from the crazy evaluation plan that I've been trying to work on (which is due tmr)...and all the frustrations and hair falling stresses...I definitely feel loved (:

Yesterday my dearest cuzzie called me!! It's so nice just to hear and talk to her again after the crazy week we both had, thus the limited chats we it was timely and nice! Thanks alebear for calling!!! (: it was a nice chat 'on the bus/train' together!!! >.<

[side tracked] someone else just proposed to his gf and will be getting married!!! seriously, what's with the early marriages??

After a long day at the library (I actually stayed til it closed!!), I came back tired and hungry! but surprise surprise!! There was something outside my room door. A card and a present! Ahhh, I love surprises!!! *grins*

It's an early Christmas present from my lovely housemate! Now, an added member to the tortoys clan (: Thank you Mieka!!!

Had my dinner and came back into my room to continue on my assignment. My brain is just soooo dry and tired I was goin to doze off! It was then the phone rang! *ring ring*
Surprise surprise!! me likey surprises! A friend had been trying to contact me cos she had something for me and wanted to drop it off! How sweet of her!! She was baking and made brownies, so she popped by with some lovely sweet smelling chocolate chip coffee brownies!! *yummmmm* (am eating them while typing now...just couldn't resist it =p)

Now with all that much pampering, I should really get back to my assignment (:

Lovely, lovely day!!!

Can you feeeeeel the LOVE??? (:

Oh, and I'm just so excited. someone's coming to visit next year!!! wooo hooooo!!!

I love you all sooooo much!! Thank You God for all the lovely people you've placed in my life!

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Ale said...

HAHAHAHA! Surprise surprise! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. so fun la you.. got surprises and all. HAHAHAHAHA :)

Yessssssssssshhhh.. sho fun calling you! Will call more in due time. I think we all so busy atm. Maybe will do so after I finish this asgnmt then can talk to you for a bit 1st.. before you have to hand in your asgnmt on the 14th!! I CAN'T WAIT.. 14th!! can you believe that you would be going back to Malaysia 2 weeks after that?? SO FAST LEH! *hug* Rmbr to hug everyone for me too yeaaaaaa >.< *muax* xoxo :)