Monday, November 03, 2008

...and the tortoys collection expands


yong may said...

What's the name of the new tor toys?

Let's call it... Wu Gui!

Because he looks like a sad tortoise... hehe

Ale said...

SUPA CUTE!!!!! *huggggggggggggggggggggg*


me hungwy now leh. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >.< i wanna eat tortoys!!! :P

eunice said...

WU GUI!!! hahaha...yea his droopy eyes makes him look sad rite? but actually he has a big smile!!

tortoys are not food my dear alebeary. they are friends!! huhuhu >.<

yongmay said...

Okay! It shall be wu gui then! Wu Gui is tortoise in chinese. Hehe...

So how does wu gui say good night? Haha.

eunice said...

hehe...yea in canto rite?

LOL...he says GOOOOOO NITEE!!!

Ale said...

HAHAHAhAhAA! Eat! Eat! Eat!

I'm not in the studying mood yet leh :P HUHU!

LOL. both of you sounds so funny! like small kids telling story. Wuahahahahahahhahaa.. ho chio! XD XD

eunice said...


mehhnonohhh!! so long we never go drive through and order icecream or ta pao when we so sick of the other foods and had notti cravings =p

me also hungry. waiting for dinner!! haha =p

nice leh the story (: hiakhiakhiak >.<