Tuesday, November 04, 2008

of bugs, squirmy worms, snakes, lizards and flies

Seeing that it has been getting warmer (at day times)...everyone is coming out to enjoy the bright sunny day, and yes, that includes the bugs, squirmy worms, snakes, lizards and flies!

bugs and worms don't exactly get to me but the rest do. *shivers*

flies are the most annoying ones!! they would just not leave you alone. apparently it is because, as it gets warmer, it gets dryer and the flies just wanna land somewhere a lil more moist, i.e. your FACE!!!!!

just talking about it gives me the shivers!

on a lighter note, i am almost done with my first year. can't believe it's coming to an end already.

ONE more 9am lecture tmr
ONE more assignment due next week

then it's study study STUDY STUDY!!!

looking forward to 24th november when it all ends! feeling sooo tired and sleepy right now. gonna take an early shower and off i go to bed.


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