Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wishful thinking

1. I wish that my ceiling fan can blow some warm air cos the heater’s just too hot and dry and the winds are just too strong and cold to leave my window open.

What can one do to get some ventilation in the room?

2. I wish I could slow down time when I’m having fun and forward time when not

3. I wish I can be two places at once

4. I wish I can turn back time so I can literally walk down memory lane

5. I wish the people that I’m close with would not keep leaving (geographically)

6. I wish I could fly, that way I could go anywhere anytime for FREE!

7. I wish I could talk to someone right now.

8. I wish that someday, somehow, someone would invent that machine we talk about so often, Ale! (p/s: is your fan fixed?)


Ale said...

heh. not yet.

i wish all that you wish tooooo! sigh. how?

eunice said... long dy leh. oo but now no need dy hoh...oh no wait is it cooler there as well? it rained yesterday and today! and tmr gonna rain toooo! wet wet week =p

how ah? cont wishing loh. hahaha =p