Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I can’t believe it’s on the network already! yeay to shared networks in the village. It’s movie nite for me tonite! muahahHAHahha ^_^

Could need some certain company and perhaps some wine. Hehehe >.< But guess not.

Oh noo…alebeary…guess what song’s playing now? Give you a hint…imagine some dancing with that song…huahuahua…I’m playing the songs I stole from you…muahahaha =p

Should prolly get some work done before I snuggle into bed with the movie I so badly wanted to watch. Props to the person who shared it on the network…movies are quite pricy here man. 1 trip to the movies accounts for 3 back home…Well almost!

Benjamin Button here I come!…well after I get SOME work done =p


yong may said...

Wahhh!! Benjamin Button! Nice nice! Hope you had fun! :)

eunice said...

haven't watched it yet! must kill spider first!!!!!!!!!!!!