Monday, March 02, 2009

Here I am…

Finally got my lazy bum to the library and guess what? I forgot my earphones! grrr…I knew I’d forget something! was so proud of myself at first cos i rmbered it. even placed it in a lil baggie to chuck it into my lappie bag. but yea…i’ve left it on my table ): gggrrrr!!! oh well, will just have to work with the sounds of the aircondition, flipping of papers, typing on the keyboard, coughs and clearing of throat, squeeking of chairs and highligting of notes. yesss…i can hear the person behind me highlighting…sounds like she’s literally highlighting EVERYTHING! might as well not highlight then rite? haha…just getting paranoid with those lil sounds.

oh well, at least i can freely browse and download stuff here! and not be paranoid by watching the bytes go =p

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