Monday, March 02, 2009

Rain drops keep falling on my head

It’s RAINING! can you believe it? it’s actually raining now…here in dry ol Adelaide! and it’s not the sissy drizzle…it actually is pouring quite heavily, for a place like Adelaide yang sentiasa kering-kerinting! Not that I’m all excited it’s actually raining nor am I totally unhappy that it is…it’s just that, of all the days I chose NOT to check the weather, to go to the library and to not have an umbrella with me! *gulp* ELPPPPPPP!!!!!! how do I get home? *sniffles*

Hence, another post cos I’m practically stucked here in the library til it stops! boo hoo hoo! I can actually see my unit looking out the window. It’s just THERE! so near yet so far ): boo hoo hoo ):

rain rain go away, come again another day, lil children me wants to go out and play BACK! you know, they actually have the lyrics online and even on ringtones! goodness me…i actually looked it up the web!


yong may said...

Wah! So many posts by you! Great! Keep it up! :)

eunice said...

haha...yeaaa the things one would do when stuck somewhere =p