Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writings from the sick bed

The writer is officially sick. Could not even sleep through the night from all the coughing. Practically stucked in bed under her comforter keeping herself warm. Missed church as she could barely get herself up. Body extremely lethargic and aching all over. Her throat is literally killing her! Gulping down heaps of water, hence suffering to drag herself out of bed to ease herself. Eyes get watery from all the coughing. Sucking on the lozenges bought from the pharmacy yesterday seems to help but it all starts over once it’s gone! Gaahhhhh!

The writer is deciding to go back to bed in hopes of waking up healthy for tomorrow’s conference. Needs to regain back some energy from all the coughing and lack of sleep last night. She reckons dry cough is worse than the phlegmy ones cos it hurts so much more and breathing air through the non-runny nose irritates the throat even more (if that actually make sense). Gaaahhhh!!!

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yong may said...

aww you poor gal! I'm having the flu too. No wonder I feel cos my bestie is sick too! :P

Get some good rest, you need to be charged up! :)
Will be praying for ya!