Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The people and things I miss…

FAMILY: mummy, daddy, koko, cuzziebears

Yong May

Msian food: asam laksa, rojak + BBT from the cheras pasar malam, roti telur bawang, pan mee, yong tau fu, the fish noodles near ym’s house, celery mee + fishballs with meat inside from that fish noodle shop in SS15, EGG TARTS and siew paos, tau fu fah, Murni’s claypot lou shi fun, ice kacang at SS2…

The people that I hang out with at places that serve the foods above

The people that I hang out with at places other than those that serve foods above *chuckles*

The convenience of driving to anywhere at anytime and not to wait for buses

My piano and Mr.V

Playing my piano and Mr.V

Unlimited downloads

RM 5 movie tickets at Summit

Friends whom I’ve not seen in ages and couldn’t catch up the last time I was back

YOU: yes YOU, the one reading this now…

That person I use to see every other day

That other person I use to see every other day

My koko driving me around and taking me to all the yummy places

Shopping with Yong May/Alebear/Kokobear

Goodness, my tummy has been rumbling since the 3rd point which is all the yummylicious foooooood!

Talking to youuuuuuhhh!

All your lovely hugz

That person’s humour/craziness

Talking to that PERSON

Talking to that other PERSON

Having late night chats

Your free-ness so I can hear from you more often


All my tortoises/turtles back home

My bed and pillow

Coming home and have dinner cooked for you already

Just being home!


On another note, one of my friend actually said most of my guy friends are good-looking. So if you’re a guy and you’re my friend…you can kembang dy =p That includes you too my kokobear!


Ale said...

LOL! >.<

<3 u! :)

eunice said...

<3 you toooooooo!

yongmay said...

I miss you too!!!