Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream dream dream…

I have had a weird dream last nite. Woke up not feeling too good so I prayed! It really was kinda disturbing in terms of my self-capability. Funny how the enemy seizes any opportunity to get to you.

Had dinner last night with a friend and ended up having a long chat with her on the way back. It amazes me how God allow things to happen to bring that night to past. She was initially working in the country and we only knew each other superficially. Last year I was still in a very preserved mode in terms of letting someone be part of my life (in terms of trusting another). Yet somehow, God brought both our paths together and here we are today wanting to be a blessing to the other but end up being blessed ourselves. Reason why I mention this is because I know that this year will be an awesome journey (not that last year wasn’t) with a new revelation of friendships. Furthermore, with plans of working here after I graduate and staying on, it’s nice to know that you’re surrounded with friends you can truly trust, friends who’d not only pick you up when you down but friends who just accepts you for who you are and shares this journey of life with a same point of view in Christ.

With that being said, I dreamed a dream (hums the tune of that song from les miserable) last night…

I received a letter from *someone* (sidetrack: that reminds me I have to find out how to renew something!) telling me that my *document* has been withdrawn. Reason to that: “you’re not doing well and you don’t deserve to be here…you have 28 days to leave the country”. Funny thing tho, my parents kinda knew it already and they have had pre-planned to send me NOT back home but to *Timbattoo*! (While saying that, I’m having this dejavu moment of having that dream before…knowing that I had to til mid year to go back…how weird is that?) I was really upset cos I’m already expecting a friend over here and friends are coming here while I was being ‘booted’ out of the country. It’s not til the very last few days before I have to leave the country that I cried out saying, I’ve not been NOT doing well. I’ve NOT failed and I’m actually doing fairly well. In fact, the first thing on my mind was that I won’t be able to conduct my research…the one that I’ve just started 2 days ago!!! And I wasn’t just upset…I was seriously disappointed! (perhaps there’s an inclination of where my passion is ~ research??)

[edit] due to apparently possible sensitive issues ** were edited.

However…it wasn’t all THAT bad. There were also fractions of the dream which part of me wishes it’d come true =p  

But yea, what I think is that when you finally have things work out the way you sense that God is bringing you through and you realize His purpose of bringing you to wherever you are in the first place gives the enemy a chance to plant awful thoughts to discourage you and plant that “you’re never good enough to deserve it” seed but I thank God I have the authority in Him! Praise God for who He is in us and within us!

On a lighter note, some of you may be wondering how come I’m sitting in the morning typing my thoughts out on my blog when placements have already started! Well, I’m currently doing my research so the times are more flexible. My supervisor gave me a day off to work from home (which is what I will have to do in a while). I am really excited about the outcome of this project tho! and I thank God for His favour upon me with my supervisors and peers.

Indeed, our God is AWESOME!

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps!


Ale said...

Amen and PRAISE THE LORD! I've been blessed and encouraged by this post beary :) Thank you for sharing :) *HUG HUG HUG*

eunice said...

glad it blessed you (: don't thank me...thank Him! (: missing you heaps dearrie! *bighuggiez*